Bollywood Hour

Mondays – Fridays
7:00PM US Eastern Time

Bollywood music has always played a major role in our culture. Be the guest of India and experience excitement, energy, dance, beauty and upbeat music all in 1 hour with Bollywood hour.

Watch the latest and the most beautiful songs of India in Bollywood hour with Tuti.

Top 10 Countdown

8PM US Eastern Time

The best songs of the week selected by your vote is presented to you in our “Top 10” Show. Enjoy watching the weekly Top 10.

Women in Music

8PM US Eastern Time

Music spreads positivity, inspires minds and encourages free expression. It also plays a crucial role in uniting ethnical diversity. The Taliban repression of women has had a severe impact on musical culture in Afghanistan. “Women in Music” is a show centered on women’s role and influence in music across many generations and cultures. The mission of the show is to promote women musicians and educate the masses on women’s impact on music. Each episode will feature different women artists, interviews, music videos, concerts and more.

Tuti Buzz

Saturday Nights
9:00PM US Eastern Time

In Tuti Buzz, you will see the best work of each artist.  We cover the latest news about their music, work, world tours, behind the scenes, fashion trends they set and their personal life.

Follow these talented singers around the world with us in Tuti Buzz.


10PM US Eastern Time

We bridge the glorious memories of the past to present day through immortality of music and sound.

Pleasant and calming, from Kharabaat alley to beyond the borders of Ghazal and beautiful poetry, with Kaifyat, we invite all the hearts to pulsate to the beat of love.

In Kaifyat program, you can watch all the legendary classical songs; the music you would have listened to with your parents and grandparents.

With this program, you will experience the essence of music and sound.


Monday – Friday
6:00PM US Eastern Time

Zarb (beat): from jazz, to hip-hop, rap and pop, all the way to Qarsake Panjshiri and folklore, you can watch the music that brings excitement, happiness and enthusiasm all here on Zarb.

Zarb; living a happy life.

In this show, with all the rhythmic happy songs we bring out the dancing beat of your life.  Zarb, an excitement for your life.

Morning Chai

8:00AM US Eastern Time

Where ever you live in the world, a cup of morning tea by an open window which may reminisce hope, a sip of tranquility and to experience the love for life can be your royal breakfast.

Start your morning every day with a gentle melody to get you ready for the graceful and happy day. we play your favorite music to prepare you for an energetic work day.

With Morning Chai music, you can feel the energy.


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