About TUTI

Why Tuti TV?

The target demographics for Tuti TV have limited options to stream authentic music created by the vibrant and talented musicians of their region. On the other hand, these local talents have also been in need of a modern platform such as Tuti TV that uses new technology to stream music. By filling this very critical void, Tuti TV will not only promote and keep alive the indigenous music of the region which is nonetheless a major part of their culture but also will fulfill the region’s need for creativity, expression and positive change.

Music as proven through research could spur positivity and give people, particularly the younger generation, an inspiration for bringing about positive change. It serves as an ideal incubator for freedom of expression, thought and a sense of appreciation of aesthetics which Tuti’s target region is in dire need of. Music is intrinsic to all cultures and has surprising psychological benefits, the least of it being improving memory and focusing attention. As our target audiences are mostly in developing nations with heartfelt aspirations to institute full-fledged democracies in their regions, Tuti will always be there in the backdrop to grow with them by inspiring their growth.

Tuti TV is transforming the way you watch television with more convenience and more choices, and all you need is a broadband connection. In today’s fast growing broadband connectivity, Tuti TV is on the forefront of IPTV platform in the space of pure entertainment with music videos, entertainment news, live concerts, celebrity interviews and genuine cultural and social programming. Tuti is now available on Jadoo TV, Tuti.tv website, Tuti App, Apple TV and soon can be watched also on Oqaab, Google TV, Amazon fireTV. Tuti’s global reach is surpassing over 500,000 viewers already and still growing exponentially.


Tuti’s main target audience largely consists of the Afghans, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Iranians all over the world.  The programming is also catered towards other specific audiences in the Middle East and South Asia region.